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botox naplesAt Montgomery Eye Center, we use Botox injections for both cosmetic and medical treatments. The goal of cosmetic Botox injections is the reduction of facial lines and wrinkles. By placing small Botox injections in specific areas, facial muscles are able to relax and allow smoothing of the overlying skin. The effects generally last three to four months, and treatment can be repeated to maintain the effects.

In addition to cosmetic treatments, we also use Botox injections to treat a medical condition called blepharospasm. This abnormal twitching of the eyelids is caused by facial muscle spasms, and is treated by relaxing the non-functioning muscles with Botox. In both forms of Botox treatments, the goal is to improve quality of life and promote a healthy appearance and lifestyle. For more information about Botox in the Naples area and its benefits, click here.

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