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Routine Eye Care

At Montgomery Eye Center, we take pride in our thorough and comprehensive eye exams. Our exams begin with vision testing and refraction to provide your best vision possible and to check for the need for glasses or contacts. Intraocular pressure and peripheral vision testing are done during every exam to help determine glaucoma risk. A dilated examination is done by your doctor to check the health of the retina and the entirety of the eye.

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, causes objects at a distance to be blurry while objects closer to the eye appear clearly. If you are nearsighted, you may experience blurred vision while driving, watching TV, or looking at a distance.

Hyperopia, or farsightedness, causes blurred vision when reading or doing near work while vision at a distance may be clear. If you are farsighted, glasses or contacts may be needed to provide sharp and crisp vision at all distances.

Presbyopia is a condition associated with aging of the eye and makes it more difficult to read and do near work without the help of reading glasses. In children and young adults, the eye’s natural lens changes shape to focus at many ranges, similar to how camera lenses work. As we age, the lens hardens and loses this ability to shift focus, requiring the use of magnifying lenses for near vision.

In addition to providing routine eye exams, Montgomery Eye Center also provides a full selection of frames, lenses, and glasses accessories at our full service Optical Shop. For more information about our offerings, click here.

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